REOFT stands for Research & Engineering of Futuristic Technology and we are focused solely on safety and security for all. Since our inception in 2016, we've built our products and services in to create order from chaos, this was and is our goal. We are in the business of customised tech solutions. Our products and services strive to keep your personal and corporate data safe and secure, and we keep inventing and reinventing to ensure what you care for the most, is always with you.


The ability to focus and attain these our objectives is being consciously driven by the REOFT's ideology, which manifests itself in the culture and day-to-day reality of the work place. The Company's core belief is rooted in its commitment to quality of both product and services to the customer and is achieved through the harnessing of the experience and talent embedded in each and every employee.
At REOFT, the ideology is one that uses participative decision-making at all levels. It is a work ethic that explains proposed changes to those affected by them, and has open channels of communication both in a horizontal and vertical organizational sense.


Safety is paramount, and as a team of tech geeks who love creating products that keeps stuff secure, REOFT is a team of engineers and professionals from diverse backgrounds. Our teams works round the clock to create game-changing products with advanced tracking capabilities. From business processes to our personal vehicle, our team has reliable safety and security solutions for all.